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You Are Invited To Write With Us

If you’d like to write a guest post or have been invited to write a post for The Barakah People, this is your guide page. There are a few things for you to consider:

  1. We only accept guest posts from people. (We probably recognized and invited) We are not looking at being a platform for you to market your services or products per se. If you display enough value, you will be sought after. That is for sure.

  2. You need to provide something different, unique, compelling and/or actionable to offer our readers. It could be a personal story with an insightful lesson, a step by step guide on how you achieved something significant and memorable, or something else along those lines. We’re not interested in posts that you might not find enough value in reading yourself.

  3. Your post must be your own lessons. The greatest value you can bring in writing a post for The Barakah People is in knowing that your story can be a lasting legacy of wisdom  and inspiration for our readers. 

  4. Your post must be inspiring or actionable (preferably both!). Readers must either finish your post and feel inspired, or know what they need to do and have the tools to get it done. Or, even better, both!

  5. Your post must be original. You will not be permitted to re-publish the post on your site (or on any other site) both for paid or non-paid purposes.

  6. Your spelling and grammar should be excellent and you should be familiar with how to submit properly formatted posts.

  7. You must be willing for the content to be re-used by The Barakah People in any way we deem suitable. We will have the right to publish, edit and reproduce your post in any format as we see fit (though it will always be attributed to you), as well as produce varying works and contents (not necessarily attributed to you).


Be recognized as our guest blogger

Submit your particulars and we will get in touch with you to have you featured on our blog.

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